More Products and Prices

It looks like deliveries will continue for some time, so I’m reposting pictures and price lists from Instagram for easy reference. In addition to scheduled mini-shops, I’m available for special deliveries or special request mini-shops on most days. See the post on T & Cs for ordering details. 6 month and younger range. From topContinue reading “More Products and Prices”

Delivery T & Cs

Magpie Fun & Games deliveries are here to help during lockdown. What started out ad hoc needs a little structure to keep going, so here is a brief list of guidelines to keep deliveries going smoothly: How to place an order: Check the schedule below to see if what you want is part of aContinue reading “Delivery T & Cs”

We’re delivering essentials

Great news! Alcohol delivery has been deemed ‘essential’ during the #CoVid #lockdown. The government is even easing off-sales restrictions for licensed businesses that aren’t off-licensed – like us! This means we’ll be offering a delivery service for the duration of the lockdown. And….since we’re delivering the ‘essential’ beer and wine, why not pick up aContinue reading “We’re delivering essentials”

Joy Scouts' Response

Mental Health, consequences of Quarantine I’ve watched day by day as society has gleefully abandoned its protections for mental health in our communities. Last week I spoke about the impact of the media’s mania for ‘isolation’ on those of us who struggle to spare ourselves our own lives in even the best of times. SinceContinue reading “Joy Scouts' Response”

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