Christmas Shopping and Shop Closure

The announcement of continuing and more severe restrictions being placed on people and businesses is forcing me to do two contradictory things. I’m presenting my position here in the hopes of garnering your empathy, understanding, and help. We need to sell some of the stock we’re bringing in for Christmas. The way things are going,Continue reading “Christmas Shopping and Shop Closure”

Magpie Back on the High Road

Hello, we’ve had so many new followers since ‘lockdown’ began, we thought we’d better introduce the actual-real-life shop behind our deliveries and social media posts! What we’re about.  Our philosophy is summed up in our name: Magpie. We’re on the lookout for the fun and curious. If it strikes our fancy and fits in the nestContinue reading “Magpie Back on the High Road”

More Products and Prices

It looks like deliveries will continue for some time, so I’m reposting pictures and price lists from Instagram for easy reference. In addition to scheduled mini-shops, I’m available for special deliveries or special request mini-shops on most days. See the post on T & Cs for ordering details. 6 month and younger range. From topContinue reading “More Products and Prices”

We’re delivering essentials

Great news! Alcohol delivery has been deemed ‘essential’ during the #CoVid #lockdown. The government is even easing off-sales restrictions for licensed businesses that aren’t off-licensed – like us! This means we’ll be offering a delivery service for the duration of the lockdown. And….since we’re delivering the ‘essential’ beer and wine, why not pick up aContinue reading “We’re delivering essentials”

Our hours and isolation policy

I’m personally very concerned about the coming mental health crisis that is being sparked by COVID panic. For people living with depression, anxiety, and many other mental health challenges, overcoming feelings of isolation are part of our daily struggle – even if we’re surrounded by loving families and friends. To open up the news, orContinue reading “Our hours and isolation policy”