Christmas Shopping and Shop Closure

The announcement of continuing and more severe restrictions being placed on people and businesses is forcing me to do two contradictory things. I’m presenting my position here in the hopes of garnering your empathy, understanding, and help.

We need to sell some of the stock we’re bringing in for Christmas. The way things are going, I don’t think a second lockdown is out of the question. The loss in sales since the ‘rule of six’ was introduced has been shocking and destabilising. If we miss more sales because of deeper restrictions or a lockdown, we won ‘t make it past Christmas. If you’re able to do some Christmas shopping before October half-term, this could make a big difference to us over the whole Christmas season.

My business is suffering. My livelihood is suffering. My mental health is suffering. My family’s mental health is suffering. Unfortunately, at this point the only way I can see to register my dissent, and participate in what is left of democracy in the UK, is to close my shop on Saturday 26th of September, to join other people who have been suffering like our family  in protest.

I know it’s contradictory to ask for help supporting my business by doing your shopping early, and then close on a ‘peak’ shopping day. Believe me, it’s torn me apart, but my conscience can’t rest if I go on pretending everything is OK. I hope that this Saturday is the only protest we need.

There’s a one more thing that I’d really appreciate your help with if possible:

I’m looking for a therapist who is relatively local (or in central London) and will see clients in person. I was dumped by my therapist in March. I’ve contacted quite a few, but no one I’ve contacted will see clients in person. I’ve run out of options, and don’t have time to go on an exhaustive search. It is essential that I see someone in person, no telephone or online therapists please.

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