Magpie Back on the High Road

Hello, we’ve had so many new followers since ‘lockdown’ began, we thought we’d better introduce the actual-real-life shop behind our deliveries and social media posts!

What we’re about.  Our philosophy is summed up in our name: Magpie. We’re on the lookout for the fun and curious. If it strikes our fancy and fits in the nest we’ll take it. We think this brings a little bit of the best of everything. Our toys reflect this philosophy, but so do the wines on our wine list, the Baltic amber teething necklaces, custom kitchen play area, neon sign from God’s Own Junkyard…

Our toys represent the best of play for every age. We highlight classic and modern toys made from sustainable wood, by producers that care for the health and wellbeing of their workers and families. We also cherish the values of play and imagination represented by toys that use plastic to do something unique and lasting like Lego and Schleich animals. We never stop playing and we offer a large selection of puzzles from 100 – 3000 pieces, collectible Candylab cars, detailed NanoBlocks models and more.

We have games for all ages, from the beautifully crafted Haba My First Orchard to ‘adult’ party games like Cards Against Humanity. We have many games available to demonstrate, and the day will come when we host games nights and other events with our licensed drinks service.

We believe creativity and fun are inseparable, that’s why we have a carefully curated selection of best quality affordable arts supplies for all ages. From finger paints and dough to Campus acrylic paints and boutique paper from Claire Fontaine.

Most of all, we’re a real place, in your community, celebrating life together the best way we know how: with Fun & Games!

Starting on Monday June 22nd we’ll return to our regular hours, and welcome up to 3 households at a time into the shop. Deliveries and shopping by appointment are available between 1 and 6pm on Mondays, 12 and 6pm Tuesdays for those isolating or taking extra precautions. email ,leave a comment here, or call 07546 256685 to book.


Monday/Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday- Friday 11 – 6.30

Saturday 10 – 6.30

Sunday 10 – 5.30

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