More Products and Prices

It looks like deliveries will continue for some time, so I’m reposting pictures and price lists from Instagram for easy reference. In addition to scheduled mini-shops, I’m available for special deliveries or special request mini-shops on most days. See the post on T & Cs for ordering details.

6 month and younger range. From top L: Haba Mobile £38.25; Baby Gym £59.95; Petilou Mobile £29.95; Haba Clutch toys (on riser) £7.99 – £11.99; Hape Rain Maker £11.95; Haba Rain Maker £13.50; Mother’s Baltic Amber Teething Necklace £40; Caramel Bear Rye/Spelt pillow £29.95; Petilou Wooden Beads £7.95; Tegu Kitty and Space Ship (other designs available) £19.90 ea.; Baby Baltic Amber Teething Necklace £15 (2 for £25 – they join up for an adult length necklace!); Tirili clutch toy £20.99; Rattlefish/Kasper clutch toys £7.99; Rainmaker rattle stick £8.45; Lucky Charm £10.99.

Schleich are hands down the best quality plastic animals, durable and detailed these have always been our own kids favourites! Priced roughly by size between £3.49 – £7.49 Dinosaurs and dragons are £13.99 and £15.99 respectively.

We love living in the midst of Epping Forest, and our outdoor collection is oriented to having fun in nature. Here, from top left to right: Maxi Hand Glider £21.12; Hand Glider £14.41; Nesting Box Kit £26.29; Cork Boat Kit £16.39; Periscope £11.95; Frisbee Set £7.81; Giant Beach Ball £5.99; Insect Box £11; Pocket Swing £19.95; Octopus Kite (huge! easy to fly!) £12.45; Pocket Kite (pocket sized! easy to fly!) £5.95; Rainbow Skipping Rope £6.95; Taj Mahal Sandcastle £2.50; Hand Diggers £3/ea; Dump Truck £10; Big Sand Shovels £5/ea; Sand Play: Ice Cream, Bakers, Bricklayer £5.95 ea; Mini Flower Press £6.95; Touchabubbles £2.45. 

We love promoting the arts and creativity. Here’s our latest #artsupplies, plus a few that are hard to bring around in the mini-shop, but can be special delivered anytime. From top L: Spray Chalk £11.50; sm Mannequin £6.45; PaintON paper 40 sheet pad 250gsm A3 £16.50, A4 £8.95, A5 £4.85; Coil sketch 140gsm alternating black and white 50 sheet A3 £13.80, A4 £7.20; A4 Sketch Portrait 140gsm £7.49; A5 Travel Journal 140gsm £7.59; A5 Landscape Watercolour Journal 200gsm £12.60; Maya multi colour pad 120gsm 20 sheets A4 £7.75; lg Mannequin £8.45; Hologram Glitter Spray Paint £9.95; Claire Fontaine Tissue Paper 8 sheet Metallic £5, Others £2.95; Hand Mannequin £15.95; Canvases A3 £5.95, A4 £3.99, A5 £2.99, A6 £2.49; Koh-i-noor 6pc Ink Set £9.50, Fluoro Ink £1.69ea; Nibs x5 £6.60, Holder Pen £3.60, Tin £3; Calligraphy Marker Set £9.50; Koh-i-noor 24 Watercolour disk set £5.69; Tempera Pucks (well, we called them pucks in Canada!)£6.59; Campus Acrylics 100ml £3.70ea (we have loads of colours, sizes and sets of acrylics).

We were so excited to tell you about the rainbow tunnel, we didn’t mention the other new stuff from Le Toy Van! We love this brand: they’re a #familybusiness designing toys in the UK and making them from rubber wood that would have otherwise been burned in Indonesia. They have their own factory where they support the workers and their families, and promote #sustainable rubber wood plantation. They sell their toys through family run and independent toy shops around the world (who they treat like gold)

Here are: My Little Bird House Shape Sorter £16.95; Rainbow £13.95* ; Sensory Shapes £29.95; Woden Beads £7.95 (suitable for 0+ and coloured with water based paints); Create Your Own Pizza £14.95

*special price during lockdown, reg. £14.95

Here’s a look at games that are designed for two players, and a few that have excellent rules for two you can play with larger groups when we finally get out of this mess! From top left: Evolution £44.99; King Of Tokyo £31.99; Quacks of Quedlingberg £34.99; Pylos, Quoridor £29.95; Sushi Roll £24.99; Long Cow £15.99; Zombie Kidz £19.99; Brain Master £11.95; The Mind, The Game £9.95; Schotten Totten £12.99; Kingdomino £17.99; Iota £8.99, Brexit Card Game (when does it ever end?) £14.95; International Meddlers (top trumps style) £9.99; Punto £8.49; Wooden Chess £20; Backgammon £16. 

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