Delivery T & Cs

Magpie Fun & Games deliveries are here to help during lockdown. What started out ad hoc needs a little structure to keep going, so here is a brief list of guidelines to keep deliveries going smoothly:

How to place an order: Check the schedule below to see if what you want is part of a themed day (or which day I’ll be in your area). If not, I can deliver to you on an un-themed day. Once you know what (and when) you want, just message me, either in comments here, DM through Instagram, email, or message my mobile 07546 256685 (that’s my WhatsApp number too). See the other guidelines below, then….result! I’ll come to you!

Deliveries are to Leyton and Leytonstone. E17 and Wanstead will have a regular delivery day (or two) each week announced on Instagram (if you don’t use IG, message me for updates). I’ll bring a full range of arts supplies, and will have plenty of room for other requests. Minimum spend in E17 £20, Wanstead £30.

We’ll have some days reserved for certain themes: Tuesdays – role play, animals, open ended play; Wednesdays – puzzles and games for all ages; Thursdays – arts supplies, activity/colouring books, special orders; Fridays – E17, special orders. I’m happy to do special requests and orders to Leyton and Leytonstone any other day between 11 and 5.

I will always make a trip out for a lockdown birthday! We may need to be flexible on timing if you’re far from the shop, but I won’t say no to birthday requests!

Please share your address when you request a visit, this makes it easier for me to plan my route and give you an accurate time estimate.

Block parties are great! But, they take more planning than a single family visit. If you and your neighbours want to ‘club’ in and have me set up for a while on your street, I’m very happy to! I need one person who can relay my messages to at least a good majority of people who plan to come. It doesn’t need to be the person who’s house I set up at, or who called me first….you get the idea! I would like to have mobile contact for that person when a multi-family stop is requested. I also need an estimate of numbers to expect by 10 am of the day I visit.

This is for everyone’s mental health. I hope I’m relieving stress, boredom, anxiety etc. with a delivery of some fun & games. I’ve written here before about the mental health emergency that’s developing. I have one request for my own mental health: I’m triggered by the phrase ‘stay home, stay safe’, if you have this in your window, could you please temporarily remove it before my visit? Thank you

My most FAQ: Yes, I take card! All cards, even AmEx! Contactless up to £45

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