We’re delivering essentials

Great news! Alcohol delivery has been deemed ‘essential’ during the #CoVid #lockdown. The government is even easing off-sales restrictions for licensed businesses that aren’t off-licensed – like us! This means we’ll be offering a delivery service for the duration of the lockdown. And….since we’re delivering the ‘essential’ beer and wine, why not pick up a toy, game, puzzle, arts supply, etc. with your delivery? Have a look at these beer and wine selections available for delivery: they happen to be pictured with a sample of our other goods arranged by age category. Prices and ordering instructions are at the end of this post. (Note: Minimum beer/wine order £0)

Solvay Society Tritium Pink Peppercorn Rye Triple 7.5% abv.: Basically everything we love in a beer, spicy rye, enhanced with pink peppercorn, balanced with Belgian yeast and triple fermentation for strength! – £6 Pictured with toys and activities for the under 2 years set (Upper L – R). Count the hours of isolation with a Blink Owl Clock – £19.95; entertain even the youngest with a Hot Air Balloon Mobile – £29.95; new walkers can push along Dancing Butterflies – £16.00; Tree Top Stacker – £14.95; Yellow Sand Toy Truck – £10; FULL FAT IRN BRU!! (from our secret source, this is fresh, real, IRN BRU!! all sugar, no sweeteners) – £5; Sensory Railway (one of my personal favourites)- £28; Tegu Travel Pals Kitty (1/6 styles) – £19.90; Noah’s Balancing Ark – £19.95; Rainbow Xylophone – £15; Who’s in the Tree Puzzle- £12; Froggy Pull-along – £8; Magnetic Racer (other colours avail.)- £13.90. This is a sample assortment, I’m happy to put together a ‘mini-shop’ tailored to your needs.

Here’s Russian Jack Sauvignon Blanc 12.5% abc.: a spot-on example of a juicy delicious Marlborough white. Gooseberries, citrus, elderflower; backed with a refreshing acidity – £13.99. Pictured with the wine is an assortment of toys and activities with a 2 – 4 year age group in mind. From top left (L-R): Playmobil Animals Enclosure – £22.95; Duplo Submarine – £16.95; Very Hungry Caterpillar Floor Puzzle – £9.95; 14pc Tegu – £35.90; Budkyns Faeries and Knights – £19.95/set (many other themes); First Orchard (cooperative) Game – £23.99; Sticker and Activity books – £4 – £7.99; Pull-back Cars and Food Trucks – £4.95, Water Based Finger and Glitter Paints – £1 each; Finger Soft Dough – £1.50 each or £8.25 set of 6. These are all just a sample of our selection for 2- 4 year olds, I can bring a selection to you based on your interests and age ranges. (Alcohol sales to over 18’s only)

Solvay Society Structure of Matter Pale Ale 5.5% abv.: refreshing yet full bodied Belgian pale ale – £5 Pictured with Key Stage 1 appropriate products (top L – R): Q Ba Maze Starter set – £24.99, marble catchers – £5.99; Giant Solar System Puzzle w/LED Sun – £20; Baryonyx – £15.99; Playmobil Pirate Raft – £13.95; Slamwich – £12.49; Cheating Moth – £9.99; Cork Boat kit – £16.39; Lego Shuttle – £22.95; Friends Turtle Rescue – £16.95; Zombie Kidz – £19.99; Newplast modelling clay – £1.95 Caran D’Ache crayons – £13.95, Campus Oil Pastels – (12) £5.50, (24) £9.50. This is a sample assortment, I’m happy to put together a ‘mini-shop’ tailored to your needs.

Nettie Zinfandel – California 2017 14.5% abv.: part of my ongoing mission to share my love for California’s nativised grape. ‘Gobs of jammy fruit’ one might say, but not Hartley’s – more like some hipster confection from Jubilee Farmer’s Market all spicy and rich – £13.99 Here with Key Stage 2 appropriate products (top L – R): Q Ba Maze Starter set – £24.99, marble catchers – £5.99; Bird Box kit – £26.29; H.H. Board Game – £18.95; Long Cow (hilarious card game) – £15.99; Wally Jigsaw – £8.95; Dragonwood game – £15.99; Nebulous Stars Window Charm kit – £11; Activity Books – £9.99; Lego Underwater Robots – £16.95; Friends Horse Trailer – £22.95; Caran D’Ache water soluble coloured pencils – (12) £12.50, (28) £16.95; Uro oven hardened polymer clay – £1.95 each. I have loads more for this age group, just ask!

Solvay Society Charm 6.5% abv. Spicy, rich, barrel aged amber ale with citrus and cardamom. This is a big bottle for a long session – £16. Here with ‘all ages’ fun (top L – R): Kugelbahn Starter set – £53.99; Jigsaws – (1000 pc) £12.95, (2000 pc) £19.95; HP 4D puzzle – £34.99; Spray Chalk – £11.50; King of Tokyo – £31.99; Brexit the Card Game – £14.95; International Meddlers – £9.99 (these are both hilarious and clever enough to be re-playable many times); Mini Spray Paint – £3.75; Nanoblock Chopper – £13; Talisman – $49.95; Nanoblock Tube Station – £18; Triominos – £12.99; 15 Brush Set – £3; Rubik’s 4X4 – £18.99; A5 PaintON paper – £4.85; Claire Fontaine Sketch pad – £5.50; Fibralo water soluble markers – (10) £15.95, (24) £36.95. And literally 100’s more products available.

Ordering and Delivery details:

I don’t plan on running an online shop, so this is all ad hoc in light of the current situation. Bear with me as I work out the best way to provide a delivery service…

I can bring you a ‘mobile shop’ stocked along a theme, such as: arts and activity books; jigsaw puzzles and board games; pre-school aged toys and activities; or tailored to your needs. I’m always happy to deliver individually ordered items too. You can request a visit via email, comments section here, DM on Instagram, and text or call 0754 625 6685. If you have neighbours you know might need a Joy delivery, please let them know, we could be quite efficient if we’re getting streets organised!

When I come to your house we’ll need to coordinate our ‘social distance’: I’ll message you once outside, then you and one child at a time can shop the contents of my ‘shop’ whilst I maintain a 2m social distance, I will also don a respirator if you request this before my visit (I can’t breathe while wearing it cycling). All my software runs on mobile data so I can ring up your purchase from that distance and send it to the card reader. At each stop, I will wrap the card reader in a new piece of plastic wrap which I will ask you to dispose of once we’ve processed your payment.

If you know I have an item you’d like specifically, I will be happy to deliver anything from the shop you request.

Since I’m not on much social media, I’d appreciate any re-posts of this to places you think it might be needed.

Peace, love, and joy!

6 thoughts on “We’re delivering essentials

  1. Hi. Do you have any kites available to deliver at all please? I would be more than happy to add some booze to the order to make it worth the delivery too! Thanks.


  2. Hello! I was wondering whether you would do a delivery on Sunday 19th April? It’s my son’s 4th birthday and obviously we can’t have a party. It’d be lovely if you could come by and he could choose some toys as his birthday presents. Thank you!


  3. I’m itching for a decent Jigsaw puzzle – at least 1000 pieces, ideally fine art, or just a really corny cottage garden! I think you’re coming to our street on Sunday anyway 🙂


    1. I am doing a couple of rounds on Sunday. Happy to bring a puzzle selection – corny cottages have been in demand I’ll see what I can do!! You can WhatsApp/ message me at 07546 256685


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